Temple of Happiness Amsterdam

Connect yourself with your heart and inner wild nature

Divine Tantric play

FEBRUARY 24  : Wild Ecstatic conscious clubbing!

with two exciting DJ’s!

You are spoiled with potluck, cacao ceremony & storytelling.
Than the beautful Wild Ecstatic Dance journey starts with DJ Qatweazle, to be continued with DJ Ro Frequency!  

So this night will rock!!!!

Do you like the hot tub? It’s up to you: if we sell on Fridaynight (before 20:00) + 30 tickets, the hot tub will be there also again…So be in time!!!


You can already buy your tickets!


Tantric Empowerment for women
Starting March 07 2024

It’s about creating a field of loving support for yourself and for the whole sisterhood..

This course is about exploring yourself and healing your sacred body. We connect deep within by meditation, rituals, body massage, healing and lightwork. You will discover yourself again and see through devastating patterns that ruin your health, your career, your self-confidence and your relationships.


Your body is a temple: come to recharge in the Temple of happiness!

What do we stand for?

Amsterdam (New West) has a beautiful space for Yoga, meditation, Tantra and dance with the Temple of Happiness. You can become member of the community or hire a space for your own event.
But most of all: Here you can recover from the hustle and bustle of the city and life.

What do we offer?

In a safe environment you can learn alone, together or in a warm, loving community what Tantra, Ecstatic Dance and other forms can bring to your body, mind and spirit.

Our founders are Empowering Tantra teachers Janine (Jivanmukta) and Mark. We are happy to take you on a journey to a deeper connection with yourself, each other and the earth.
You can start with booking a  private session to discover what this spiritual Tantric path can bring, or get to know Tantra during our monthly Tantra event: Divine Tantric Play.

Other teachers who hire the venue, also offer Tantric events, Conscious Dance and workshops or concerts, see agenda.

Finally, you can also regularly take Tantra courses with Janine and Mark. These courses include classical Tantra meditations, Tantra Yoga combined with loving bodywork.


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Blog: The Buddha is back

There is a legend that Buddha predicted that in 2500 he would return as the Maitreya.
Storytelling is a craft, tantric stories are cleverly constructed, full of double meanings. Without any context you can’t do anything with it.
Osho gave a hint about this prediction, of course after he indicated that those 2500 years would have passed approximately now (who knows, the exact period in which Buddha would have lived is not certain).
Maitreya means “friend,” said Osho. A saint never returns in Osho’s culture. They will not reincarnate any more. Osho indicates that it is not meant literally. The word Maitreya means friendship. According to Osho, Buddha speaks about a time when we have grown so much that we no longer need a leader, but a friend. And that time is “now”.

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Meet our co-organisors

Our Location:

The Temple of Happiness
is located in the Creative Breeding Ground:

HW10, Hendrik van Wijnstraat 10
1065 AS Amsterdam
Studio 13 and 14
entrance and bell: rear of building (counterclockwise)

Good accessibility and free parking:

Unbelievable for our venue in Amsterdam:

*You don’t have to go into the city, it is only 3 minutes from the A10 highway.
*There is free parking in the evenings and on Sundays!
(during the day until 7 p.m. it costs 2.80 euros per hour).
*There are always enough parking spaces near the building.
* There are super good public transport connections: Lelylaan Station, tram, bus and metro are within walking distance.
* By bike you are in ten minutes in Vondelpark..