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Divine Tantric play

April 13 – Divine Tantric Play – spring edition

We will  spoil you again with this radiant, abundant tantric night on April 13! 

Enjoy this playful event embedded in the heartful presence of our spaceholders. We start with a workshop to warm up, to set our intentions and boundaries and to explore the wisdom of our bodies.  We continue with a warm, and delightful playground (code pink). 

Are you for the first time? Please read more about the event and feel free to ask questions!

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Your body is a temple: come to recharge in the Temple of happiness!

At the heart of  Tantra lies the profound understanding that within each of us lies a sanctuary of joy and enlightenment, waiting to be unveiled. Through the cultivation of a willing, pure, and natural body, nourished by breathing exercises, sacred rituals, wholesome nutrition, mindful movement, and deep meditation, we recharge ourselves, grow and awaken to the vibrations of our highest selves.

As we attune ourselves to these practices, we become acutely aware of the “Temple of Happiness” residing within us and the interconnectedness we share with those around us. It is a vision of unity, where the boundaries of individuality dissolve, and we recognize ourselves as integral parts of a shared consciousness.

This is the essence of our  philosophy — a celebration of the divine within and without, a journey towards the realization of our true nature as beings of pure joy and love. We invite you to join us on this path of self-discovery and transformation, as we collectively dance and practice in the radiant light of the Temple of Happiness.


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Blog: The Buddha is back

There is a legend that Buddha predicted that in 2500 he would return as the Maitreya.
Storytelling is a craft, tantric stories are cleverly constructed, full of double meanings. Without any context you can’t do anything with it.

Osho gave a hint about this prediction, of course after he indicated that those 2500 years would have passed approximately now (who knows, the exact period in which Buddha would have lived is not certain).

Maitreya means “friend,” said Osho. A saint never returns in Osho’s culture. They will not reincarnate any more. Osho indicates that it is not meant literally.

The word Maitreya means friendship. According to Osho, Buddha speaks about a time when we have grown so much that we no longer need a leader, but a friend. And that time is “now”.

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Our Location:

The Temple of Happiness
is located in the Creative Breeding Ground:

HW10, Hendrik van Wijnstraat 10
1065 AS Amsterdam
Studio 13 and 14
entrance and bell: rear of building (counterclockwise)

Good accessibility and free parking:

Unbelievable for our venue in Amsterdam:

* You don’t have to go into the city, it is only 3 minutes from the A10 highway.

* There is free parking in the evenings and on Sundays!
(during the day until 7 p.m. it costs 2.80 euros per hour).

* There are always enough parking spaces near the building.

* There are super good public transport connections: Lelylaan Station, tram, bus and metro are within walking distance.

* By bike you are in ten minutes in Vondelpark..